Indigo Caravan

Indigo Caravan is the musical group founded by Nathan Craver and Yosifah Rose Craver,
a SF Bay Area based husband and wife singer-songwriter duo.
They also perform regularly with both their Classical Arabic band Al 'Azifoon and the Aswat Ensemble.

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Indigo Caravan aka Nathan Craver and Yosifah Rose Craver were the featured artists for the Armando's Singer Songwriter Series Showcase on October 6, 2014 in downtown Martinez, CA. The rules of the Armando's Songwriter Series are that only one instrument can be played to present the songs in a simple pared-down form. So, here is "A Mandolin's Lament" with just Nathan on mandolin and Yosifah's vocal. It is quite hauntingly beautiful!
A Mandolin's Lament

"Mood Vertigo" is from the same Songwriter Showcase performance with Nathan on guitar and Yosifah's vocal:
Mood Vertigo

"Soon Enough" is another live performance from the same Songwriter Showcase show with Nathan on guitar and Yosifah's vocal:
Soon Enough


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Al 'Azifoon - Classical Arabic Music

The Cravers also perform regularly with their Classical Arabic music band Al 'Azifoon.
Al 'Azifoon performs Classical Arabic music

Al 'Azifoon performs Classical Arabic Music

Al 'Azifoon performing at a Moroccan-themed dinner